Avoid The Glitter with Jovani Long Prom Dresses

Although we love the look of a beautifully embellished dress, a prom is not quite the best occasion to wear one. Choose Jovani long prom dresses and avoid sparkly chunks of glitter. Go for gowns that are not too complex, yet they have enough structure to make you look beautiful. If you go understated now, your prom photos will always look awesome and not something like a hideous 70’s flashback.

Jovani Long Prom Dresses
Jovani 6480

The brilliantly blue Jovani 6480 featuring a strapless sweetheart neckline will surely be an excellent option, despite having a sparkly waist belt wrapped around the waist. For a clean, modest, A-Line look, you should consider the strapless 14913.

Thousands of Jovani Prom Dresses to Choose From

From the first moment when you access Jovani’s large selection of prom dresses, you will certainly be dazzled by the very wide array of styles, lengths, colors, silhouettes and necklines available. We are proudly adding new gowns to the collection to enrich it and offer prom-going girls the unsurpassed opportunity to find the perfect one for her.

Jovani Long Prom Dresses
Jovani 46771

If you are looking for a ballgown silhouette, take a look at Jovani 46771, featuring a deep plunging V-neckline nestled between a sweetheart neckline. The black bodice is embroidered with pink floral appliques and it tops a full satin skirt.

Jovani Long Prom Dresses
Jovani 22374

Some other similar styles are the Jovani 22374, featuring a waist-deep v-neckline and an embroidered bodice. Crystal Embellished Ballgown 23841, Tulle Strapless Ballgown 99992 and Corset Embellished Ballgown 81114.

Jovani Long Prom Dresses
Jovani 42348

If, on the other hand, you are interested in necklines other than V-shaped and sweetheart ones, then you will definitely want to check out Jovani 42348, featuring a halter neckline and a ‘peek-a-boo’ keyhole decolletage. This fitted long dress has a charming open back as well as a very fashionable floral print design that runs from the left shoulder down to the bottom of the right hand side of the skirt. Another long dress is the Jovani Halter designer 99489, featuring a keyhole neckline that is mostly unrevealing.

If you want to wear a short dress instead, then the Floral print, cocktail-length Jovani 21853 will best suit you. It has cap sleeves and a beautiful floral print that will make you look radiantly feminine. Style 90332 will certainly turn heads due to its chiffon train, which will softly reveal your legs to everyone in a very pleasant manner.

Start browsing Jovani’s designer prom dresses today, and find the one that will look sculpted into your body!